Sunday, March 22, 2009


My baby cardigan is finish.It took a long time,but it's done.I was very tempted to start another project while still working on it but didn't.I was sick with the flu all last week and tried to knit but I was too tired to even hold the needles.Finally I finished it last night.

I am ok now,actually I spend some time in the garden this afternoon.Turn few beds and planted some garlic.It was a nice day,the sun was out and the weather was pretty mild.My body is already hurting from all the digging but the satisfaction from actually achieving something is great.I was worry that it will be to wet and cold to put the garlic in as it is already late in the season,but today was perfect. It is just the beginning of my gardening this year.I started my seeds(inside) last week and yes,I am late with that too.It is the weather this year,for some reason the winter is long and cold.So much for the global warming.Here is more like the global cooling and I am not kidding.
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