Monday, April 6, 2009


Another gorgeous day, I hope we ride this sunshine right into summer! Today I transplanted the arugula,tomatoes,calendula and artichoke into bigger containers.I also took plants out of the summer kitchen and placed them on the deck by the house.The deer got into my garden already and made huge crates in the beds with the garlic.I patched the holes once again.I also put the hummingbird feeder out when one zipped by while I was examining my plants.I am not doing much knitting these days but hopefully get back to it soon.
Tess enjoying the sun.
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2 comments: said...

It's so hard staying indoors and craft when the weather and gardens call to you, isn't it?! Because of my craft blog I force myself to do somethings, but I started a garden blog so I felt like I was still being "blog conscience"... quite pathetic I know! Anyway, good luck with the deer. I'm doing battle with them and the bunnies right now.

Moncha said...

Hello Kimara,thanks for checking out my blog.Your garden looks really pretty as well as your shaded garden.Can't wait to see it when everything fills in.Have a great day and happy gardening :D